About AppraisalWorld

AppraisalwWorld is a valuation services portal that leverages data and analytics to create turnkey solutions for appraisers, AMCs and lenders.

Appraisers have the opportunity to use our services to expand their business and to build stronger relationships with Lenders and AMCs.

We provide a valuable tool—our innovative, national appraiser directory that locates and ranks appraisers by their level of work experience in the subject property neighborhood.

AMCs appreciate our powerful process to authenticate the integrity of the identity of the appraiser, manage appraisers credentials, and our directory which allows AMCs to rank their appraisers by local work history.

These unique services and solutions satisfy the ever-increasing major security needs of the real estate lending industry. Our strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies such as Microsoft®, Marshall & Swift™, Flood Insights™, Veros and many more allows AppraisalWorld members to gain access to our technology driven software, services and solutions needed for their business.


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